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2019 Publications

Rubio Ballester B., Mura A., Maier M., Tobella-Pareja L. , Alfayate-Domingo D. ,  Francisca Gimeno-Esteve M., AguilarA. , Verschure P. (2019). Adaptive VR-Based Rehabilitation to Prevent Deterioration in Adults with Cerebral Palsy. International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation, 22-24 July 2019. Tel Aviv University (TAU), Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Vouloutsi, V., Grechuta, K., & Verschure, P. F. (2019, July). Evaluation of the Facial Expressions of a Humanoid Robot. In Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems (pp. 365-368). Springer, Cham

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Grechuta, K., Rubio Ballester, B., Espín Munne, R., Usabiaga Bernal, T., Molina Hervás, B., Mohr, B., … & Verschure, P. (2019). Augmented Dyadic Therapy Boosts Recovery of Language Function in Patients With Nonfluent Aphasia: A Randomized Controlled TrialStroke, 50:1270–1274. –

Grechuta, K. (2019). Grounding body ownership and language in action: evidence from healthy and damaged brains. Doctoral Thesis

Grechuta, K., Ulysse, L., Rubio Ballester, B., & Verschure, P. (2019). Self beyond the body: action-driven and task-relevant purely distal cues modulate performance and body ownershipFrontiers in Human Neuroscience13, 91. – doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2019.00091

Bos, J. J., Vinck, M., Marchesi, P., Keestra, A., van Mourik-Donga, L. A., Jackson, J., Verschure, P., and Pennartz, C. (2019). Multiplexing of Self and Other Information in Hippocampal EnsemblesCELL-REPORTS-D-19-02025.

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Blancas, M.,  Valero C.,  Mura A., Vouloutsi V., Verschure P. (2019). “CREA”: An inquiry-based methodology to teach robotics to children. Conference: 10th International Conference on Robotics in Education, Vienna. 10-12 April, 2019

Grechuta, K., de la Torre Costa, J., Ballester, B. R., & Verschure, P. (2019). Challenging the boundaries of the physical self: purely distal cues in the environment impact body ownership. bioRxiv, 672139.