SPECS with IBEC participates in the 12th edition of the Science Festival in Barcelona

SPECS News   •   13 June 2018

The workshop “Biomimetic Robots to Understand Our Behavior“, led by IBEC’s Synthetic Perceptive, Emotive and Cognitive Systems group (SPECS-lab). Did you know that thanks to robotics, we can study aspects of the brain’s functioning, such as learning? Through this workshop, attendees introduced themselves in this world with a few examples and with the NAO robot, with whom they discovered some features of our behavior.

Also in the hands of this group, attendees enjoyed the activity “Rehabilitation of the brain after brain injury” using the so-called Rehabilitation Gaming System, a virtual reality tool to rehabilitate motor activity and Cognitive after a brain injury.

To close, the workshop SPECS-lab presented “Studying the brain with virtual reality and 3D interactive tools“, where they presented several of the tools they develop for the study of the brain, emphasizing that current neurocience is multidisciplinary and it resorts to disciplines such as engineering, computing or physics, even though virtual, interactive tools and games.