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Synthetic, Perceptive, Emotive and Cognitive Systems Lab

SPECS uses synthetic methods to study and synthesize the neuronal, psychological and behavioural principles underlying perception, emotion, and cognition.”

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October 2018

Human Vicarious Trial and Error Is Predictive of Spatial Navigation Performance

Despite the extensive research on spatial navigation, learning and VTE in the rat model, fewer studies have focused on humans. Here, we tested whether head-scanning behaviors that humans typically exhibit during spatial navigation are as predictive of spatial learning as in the rat. Our findings demonstrate that VTE is a signature of the stage of spatial learning in humans, and can be used to predict performance in navigation tasks with high accuracy.

September 2018

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BCBT 2019: Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology Summer School with Virtual Brain Cloud https://t.co/B4tDLVgHFV

#NatalBioinformaticsForum, Brazil. The principles of Neurorehabilitation: delivering brain repair at the confluence of Brain theory, VR and AI by @PaulVerschure - @IBECBarcelona

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