SPECS has another doctor, congratulations Jordi!

SPECS News   •   1 October 2019

Today SPECS’s Ph.D. student Jordi Ysard Puigbo defends his thesis entitled:

Learning mechanisms of uncertainty and neuromodulation.”

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Paul F.M.J. Verschure (IBEC) and Dr. Miguel Ángel González Ballester UPF).

Ph.D. Tribunal

President: Dr. Gustavo Deco (UPF)
Secretary: Dr. Andrea Soltoggio (Loughborough Univ.)
Member:  Dr. Yves Boubenec (ENS)

Date of defense:       Tuesday, 1 October 2019
Time:                          16:00 h
Place:                          Room 55.309 Tànger – Campus del Poblenou