Project Description

2007-2009. The Synthetic Oracle

The Synthetic Oracle (former Hello Stranger, INI Zurich 2005) is a computer-controlled matrix of sensitive and reactive pillars, cameras and microphones that interact with its visitors and establishes a dialog with them. The control system of The Synthetic Oracle is based on a large-scale neuronal system called iqr that gives the installation its own personal identity.

This interactive installation consists of a field of 30 LED pillars anchored to gravel or wooden flooring. Each pillar is 3m tall and has 12 individually addressable RGB elements. Together they form an immersive interactive forest of light to walk around, to touch and to hear. When moving around visitors are tracked by overhead infra-red cameras and a light/music effects respond to the visitor’s movements. The behavior of the visitors triggers different interaction scenarios which are implemented using simulated neural networks. The interactions:

Heart – the beating red heart at the centre of the space speeds up as you approach it
Rain – it always rains red on you
Fire – release fireballs from the pillars as the visitors walk nearby
Cortex – simple 3D walk-through model of activation   between and across layers of cortex
Flower – flowers open as visitors walk through the pillar forest
Tornado – swirling lights follow you around
Spectrum (not interactive) – possibly the world’s biggest Hi-Fi spectrum analyser

The Synthetic Oracle (former Hello Stranger) was developed as a public exhibition for the BrainFair 2005 in Zurich. A reduced version of the installation has been on display in Geneva during the “Les Yeux de la Nuit” exhibition in Octobre 2006. Thereafter the installation moved with the group SPECS to Barcelona.

“La Nit de la Recerca” Barcelona in 2007.

 “ESOF Barcelona” in 2008.

 “Tenerife of Canarias” in 2009 see pictures here

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