Project Description

2010 – PRESENT. Robot Ecology: Discovering the life-like properties of future robotics

Robots will become more and more based on our understanding of biological systems. These so-called biomimetic systems are at the forefront of the convergent science and technology of biology and technology.
Ecological robotics is the practice of applying ecological principles to the design of a mobile robot.


SPECS proposes to create and deploy a collection of walking, crawling, slithering and jumping robots that will interact with the users to allow the experience hands-on on what the future holds.
Visitors and especially children can begin to better comprehend how application of “natural” behavior to machines, as it is done in our miniature bio-mimetic systems, can help to study and find better solution for interactive intelligent machine that in turn can help to explore which ecological laws can be exploited in a given task (or to solve a certain problem).
Especially insect-based robots are believed to be of great practical use in many applications. Constructing such robots will also provide new insights into natural behaving systems.

The Installation was developed in collaboration with the COSMO CAIXA Science Museum of Barcelona in 2010 and it is still touring throughout Spain in an mobile exhibition called TechnoRevolution