Project Description

2011. Dancing With Swarming Particles

DANCING WITH SWARMING PARTICLES is an interactive installation and performance that intends to explore the relationship between a physical user/performer and a virtual performer the “avatar” which has the physical characteristics of morphing flocking particles.

Dancing With Swarming Particles [full performance] [25.02.2011 – Barcelona]

The avatar’s body is composed of flocking particles that initially float in the virtual space without any apparent order. It is through the energy of the physical user/performer’s movements that the particles will start to morph into the avatar’s body.

Implemented by Rodrigo Carvalho
Performer Tamar Regev
Coordinator Anna Mura
Original ideal by SPECS[Synthetic Perceptive, Emotive and Cognitive Systems group] – IBEC – Barcelona

Made in Unity3d, using Kinect and Osceleton [] for the Skeleton tracking.