Project Description

2011. Interactive Video Portraits

Interactive Video Portraits is an interactive audiovisual installation realized in SPECS at the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona-Spain) in collaboration with students from the Inov-Art program, MC & DGArts (Lisbon-Portugal).

The purpose of this project is to explore, to make observations and to raise questions about how people respond to human emotions displayed through technological means. The research behind the realization of this project aims at understanding how humans perceive emotions and how they behave when interacting with “emotive digital media”, in this case, video portraits of characters expressing emotional states.
Therefore, IVP pursues the manifestation of human expressions and emotions using audiovisual representations of emotive expressions.

Interactive Video Portraits by Enrique Serro in collaboration with Anna Mura (SPECS)

The IVP installation includes a touchscreen through which the users can choose six different interactive video portraits that are constantly displayed for selection indicated by 14 iconic faces in a “sleeping mode”. A widescreen, tilted to portrait mode, immediately displays the user’s selection, thus “bringing the characters to life”. The user can interact with the sequence of the video portraits and thus with the characters by means of his/her position in space. This requires a video camera (set on the ceiling, above the user) that is tracking the user’s position in relation to the widescreen display. The user’s position in space is translated into 9 different, equal-sized, sections. Each section is labeled with a different video loop and each loop contains a different action or expression played by the character.

Made with Pure Data, openFrameworks [OSCVideoServer] and Processing.

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you can find a detailed report in this link …,H_IVP_090311_Final-Report.pdf