Project Description

2012 – PRESENT. “There: Bergen-Belsen, Echoes of Memory”, a sound installation for the 60 years of commemoration

There: Echoes of Memory” is a sound installation in the open passageway between documentation center and former campsite, Bergen-Belsen Memorial grounds, originally installed to commemorate the 60 year anniversary of the memorial in November 2012, and running permanently since.

It consists of historical audio fragments from 1945 (right after liberation) to 2011 (present times) that sound from different locations and reflect along the 80m corridor, accompanying visitors on their way to and from the former camp grounds. Fragments and their location are distributed according to the passed time and moreover their inherent perspective: voices that called for commemoration (such as speeches and recent education programs) are placed at the further end of the passageway, closer to the entrance and world outside the memorial, while recordings from right after liberation (freed surviving adults and children) sound from next to the camp’s former fenceline. Visitors find themselves in between these reflecting voices, and the silence of the current day landscape.
Concept: Sytse Wierenga, Habbo Knoch, Paul Verschure
Production: Sytse Wierenga
Technical Installation: Alex Escuredo,Sytse Wierenga, Stefan Wilbricht, Eberhart Stimpel
Historical Advice: Habbo Knoch, Thomas Rahe, Martina Staats, Katja Seybold, Stefan Wilbricht
Funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework programme ICT Future and Emerging Technologies (258749-CEEDS) Additional funding by the EU’s Europe for Citizens program, Action 4 – Active European Remembrance.
SPECS and the Bergen-Belsen Memorial foundation would like to thank the BBC Sound Archives, London NDR, Hamburg for granting us permission to use their audio content.