Project Description

2016. Codi-Bot the musical robot that teaches you how to program

Learn how to program with the musical robot Codi-Bot

Learn programming by composing melodies with CodiBot, a robot built by researchers of the SPECS laboratory at UPF. Codi-bot can help kids to learn how to code using the language of music and painting.  By linking the seven notes of the C major scale to seven different colours and by drawing lines and painting colours on a blackboard, kids can create melodies in a tangible and interactive way. The concept is that the program is drawn in lines and colours and the robot reads the score/program and plays it making a melody. What a fantastic way to learn programming!

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Codi-Bot was shown at the following events
2016 February: MinMaker event in CosmoCaixa Barcelona
2015 July: Living Machines 2015 in Barcelona
2015 October: Open Day event at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park PRBB.