Project Description

Héctor López Carral

PhD Student

Héctor is a Ph.D. student working in the field of Affective Computing. He studied Multimedia Engineering at Universitat de València (2015), focusing on human-computer interaction.  Before graduating he spent some time at the Real-time computer graphics (ARTEC) research group at the University Research Institute of Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies (IRTIC) while working on his final project on a mixed-reality system. After finishing his graduate studies, he moved to Barcelona for the interdisciplinary master on Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media ( 2016) from University Pompeu Fabra (UPF). For his master thesis, he joined the Synthetic Perceptive Emotive and Cognitive Systems (SPECS) group, where he continued as a research assistant and now as a Ph.D. candidate (2017-2019). In SPECS, Hector is developing a project for his Ph.D. thesis on the role of emotions in the interaction between humans and intelligent artificial systems. His research includes virtual reality interaction and electrophysiological signals applied to Affective Computing research.