Project Description

Humanoid robots: iCub

Since September 2009, one of the 6 existing iCubs in Europe is a permanent resident of the group SPECS at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain.

iCub is a sophisticated robot believed to be the most advanced humanoid robot in Europe. iCub has the looks of a three-year-old child and is able to make human-like eye and head movements and recognize faces and grasp objects.

iCub Videos

iCub plays along with Soprano in Casta Diva 2013

iCub and “Dancing with robots” at the London Science Museum 2013

Brain Festival at the Barcelona Ciudadela Parque 2013

iCub is the spokesrobot for the EU flagship Robocom 2011

iCub Playing Simple Hockey @ Summer School BCBT 2010

Some media coverage

The iCub on Connexió Barcelona BTV ( April 2012.