Project Description

The Master in Creative Process by ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and elBulliFoundation is a program that will allow you to learn and acquire creative thinking skills to transform and future-proof your professional practice.

This program, based in creativity and innovation, provides a guarantee of both academic quality and scientific depth, and your creative transformation is assured by a series of immersive, unique creative experiences with leading-edge multidisciplinary professionals.

A personalized learning journey about the creative thinking process guided by a privileged global network of multidisciplinary mentors and experts, and the opportunity to apply your newly acquired creative thinking skills on your own professional challenge.

Go through a series of once-in-a-lifetime experiences in our innovation hubs in Barcelona and Empordà. From cooking at elBulli with Ferrán Adrià to discover the latest advances on neurobotics at SPECS, your learning journey will be supported by a series of unique creative experiences in top-level innovation hubs, where you will be able to experiment with the creative process in a natural, off-office setting.

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