Project Description


SPECS has advanced a unique immersive data visualization and integration systems for the exploration, analysis, simulation and visualization of multi-scale brain data number or (Arsiwalla, et al., 2015, EC projects CEEDS and cDAC).

BrainX3 includes novel measures for integrated information and complexity that overcome the scaling limitations of state of the art measures (Arsiwalla & Verschure, 2017). Using this system SPECS has provided first causal explanations of the occurrence of diaschisis post stroke regarding noise amplification and demonstrated superior user performance for the exploration of complex data. This system is further advanced to provide a single platform for robotics, AI, theoretical neuroscience and clinical applications inside and outside of SPECS.

BrainX3 can thus be used as a novel immersive platform for exploration and analysis of dynamical activity patterns in brain networks, both at rest or in a task-related state, for the discovery of signaling pathways associated to brain function and/or dysfunction and as a tool for virtual neurosurgery.

Simulation of resting-state activity vs. noise showing that increased noise suppresses network activity

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