Project Description

RGS@Home [2019-2022]


Start date: 2019,  End date: 2022

RGS targets stroke patients, clinicians, and health providers to address the need for effective and affordable rehabilitation due to the increase
in stroke incidence. RGS answers this need by combining brain theory, AI and VR to provide state of the art clinically validated neuro-rehabilitation. The consortium combines leading institutions in brain research, healthcare, and medical devices to bring the RGS to the market of at home eHealth services reducing cost while enhancing the quality of care.

IBEC/Eodyne Systems has developed and commercialized the Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS), a science-based ICT solution for neurorehabilitation combining brain theory, AI, cloud computing and virtual reality, targeting motor and cognitive recovery after stroke. RGS provides a continuum of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions that accompany the patient from the clinic to the therapy center. RGS has been clinically validated showing its superiority over other methods and products while reducing the cost of therapy centers and hospitals. To realize significant benefits in the QoL of stroke patients, RGS must become an at home solution providing 24/7 monitoring, diagnostics, and care. This project will investigate different models to support the adoption of RGS@home including answering the high variability in Europe of both clinical practice, guidelines, and reimbursement models. The consortium will realize the RGS@home system by customizing the commercial product used in professional neurorehabilitation centers (RGS@Clinic) for the @home scenario for patients (primary users), their caregivers, clinicians (secondary users) and healthcare providers and reimbursers (tertiary users).