Project Description

Diogo Pata Santos

Postdoctoral Researcher 

Diogo Pata has a degree in Semiotics & Communication from ULHT, Lisbon in Portugal (2010), and a master degree in the “Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media” from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain (2012). In 2018 he obtained his Ph.D. at UPF. Since 2018 he his a postdoctoral researcher at the SPECS-lab Barcelona, IBEC, Spain.

Diogo is a neuroscientist, data cruncher and enthusiastic hobbyist. His research focuses on investigating the neural correlates of spatial navigation and episodic memory in the human and rodent brains. Using electrophysiology, computational modeling, and machine learning techniques, he wants to decipher the code of spatial representations.