Project Description


The TECNIO seal is awarded, by the Generalitat of Catalonia, to most innovative technology developers and the facilitators involved in the process of technology and knowledge transfer.

There are two types of organizations accredited with the seal of innovation:
– Entities that generate new technology and made it available to Catalan companies: developers.
– Entities that facilitate access to technology, helping businesses make technology that is generated in their scientific environment: the facilitators.

Together with other UPF groups, SPECS is now a research group that is part of the network technology of the Government of Catalonia recognized as technological innovation leaders in the country. SPECS is presently a candidate to achieve a TECNIO seal over the next three years. (2016-2019).

see also Unitat d’Innovació-UPF Business Shuttle  and Tres Grups de Recerca de la UPF escollits per formar part de la xarxa TECNIO de l’agència ACCIÓ